MESA stands for Movement of Energetic and Spatial Awareness. Like dancing the Elements, MESA practice is a simple but key aspect of Movement Medicine which creates a strong foundation for the Dancer. Specifically, it offers ways of becoming present and developing fluidity in expansion and contraction. It also expands the spectrum of physical and energetic possibilities that are available to us in any given moment.

There are four levels of awareness in the MESA map. The first is Micro: moving in awareness of the internal world and all its small, subtle perceptions and sensations. The second level is Medio - moving in awareness of the physical structure of the body, the muscles, joints, bones and skin, and the immedaite circle of space around the moving body. The third level is Macro, which is the expanded awareness of what is all around, whether space, other moving bodies, a room, a street or a patch of land. The final level is Meta - moving in awareness and resonance with everything that is.

The MESA map can be practiced in any place on the Mandala, as shown by the expanding halos around each part of the image.

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