Dancing the Four Elements - Earth, Fire, Water and Air - is a core Movement Medicine practice and offers a supportive foundation for engaging with other areas of the maps.

There are no steps or designated way to dance; the invitation is to make the body available for channelling the energy of each Element in turn, following whatever physical movement arises and surrendering to the spirit of the dance that comes through.

Each Element opens into vast realms of dancing possibilities. Earth dances show us our ground and nourish our core, they might feel like the exquisite, gentle movement of a growing plant, or the unshakeable presence of mountain. Dancing Fire connects us to the life-giving power of the Sun; it can be a fierce, warrior dance or it can be quiet movement in the glowing embers in the heart. Water heals and guides the dance of endless change, from flowing rivers to raging waterfalls, into still pools and the ocean. And Air brings us the breath, sometimes giving flight on the wind, sometimes uprooting everything with a tornado, at others simply soothing with a breeze.

We also sometimes include a fifth Element, Ether, which resides in the centre of the mandala and is connected to Love and the empty fullness of the Divine.

The Elements can be danced in any order, but the order described above is the most common.

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