Awakening the Dancer


In the middle of all these multi-dimensional maps, the key teaching is the awakening of the Dancer.

The Dancer exists, body, heart and mind, in the present moment: awake, aware and always in movement. The Dancer can dive deep inside, engage in relationship or shift the focus to a whole space and beyond. The Dancer can move fluidly between the polarities and paradoxes of existence, discovering and accepting while also changing and creating. The Dancer has the ability to journey into the past for healing, and to weave the future into dream manifestation.

The Dancer is the one who finds the medicine.

Every time we step onto a dancefloor, the Dancer needs to be awoken, invited into the body and offered breath and rhythm to ride on. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, shape, size or fitness, can embody the Dancer.

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