The Tree of Life


The Tree of Life, or World Tree, is an ancient symbol common to a multitude of cultures from Siberian shamanism to Jewish mysticism. Whilst varying in its exact form and meaning from one cosmology to another, the Tree of Life always seems to represent fertility and existence, acting as the crucial connection and conduit between Earth and Sky (or Body and Spirit) and all life in the lower, upper and middle worlds.

As dancers, we can meditate and move with the Tree of Life to physically embody this connection. The practice of breathing and moving into the roots, the trunk and the branches of our own personal tree offers an opportunity to become whole. We can experience and strengthen the deep roots of our being in the earth; we can feel the strength of our centre; we can consciously grow into the light and manifest our potential for soul flight.

The Tree of Life meditation can be done at any time, with or without music. It works particularly well outdoors, under, erm, a real tree.

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