Dancing Tao: Mandala

The teachings and practices of Movement Medicine are centred around this mandala, which has 21 stations. The mandala is a representation of the Tree of Life, held by the Elements in the four directions (Earth in the South, Fire in the East, Water in the West and Air in the North.)

At the centre is the Phoenix, representing Tao, or the Great Mystery, and holding the possibility of healing and transformation. Dancing in and around this are the polarities of Yin & Yang.

The 5 large circles underneath that represent the roots of the Tree, which are the 5 Dimensions of Awareness: Self, Relationship, Environment & Community, the Spirit World and the Divine.

The nine small circles arcing over the top represent the branches of the Tree, the nine Gateways, growing into 3 groupings: Body, Heart & Mind (the journey of Embodiment); Past Present & Future (the journey of Responsibility); Fulfilment, Interconnection & Realisation (the journey of Manifestation)

The mandala is both a map for conscious living and dancing, and a channel for the healing energies of the Movement Medicine mesa.

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